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Herb Bleach

Ideal for sensitive skin, Olivia Herb Bleach is the first herbal bleach in INDIA. Only Olivia Herb bleach contains the goodness of Haldi, Chandan, Nimbu & Aloe Vera. These natural ingredients go beyond bleaching and nourish the skin with their rejuvenating properties. Aloe Vera adds life to skin; Chandan soothes it and gives it a fair glow. Haldi protects the skin from inflammation and also works as a good anti-oxidant & Nimbu works as an effective antiseptic. This haldi, chandan, nimbu & aloe vera combination makes your skin fairer & beautiful day by day. Olivia Herb Bleach is the ultimate herbal solution to the unwanted hair growth on your skin. It fades unwanted hair on face, arms and body.

Recommended for use every 15 days.
Size Available - 7.5gm/15gm/30gm/70gm/250gm

Hiz Aloe Bleach for men
The first fairness bleach for tough male skin. Specially formulated with aloe vera, HIZ ALOE BLEACH not only makes your skin fairer, but also moisturises it and relieves stress and fatigue signs. This ultimate herbal solution gives you confidence and your skin a healthy glowing look.

Recommended for use every 15 days.
Size Available - 250gm

Fairness Bleach

INSTANT FAIRNESS BLEACH Lightens excessive dark hair on face, arms and body makes you fairer, keeps you beautiful.

Years of intensive research resulted in the Fairness Bleach Cream. Its mildness speaks for itself. It gently bleaches unwanted hair from the face and body, blending the hair completely with the your skin shade. The result, radiant skin that grows to as much as 2 to 3 shades fairer. Olivia’s deep penetrating action prevents the embarrassing problem of unbleached hair showing on the skin. It also helps to remove Sun tan. Its unique non-irritant bleach cream easily bleaches the hair till the roots. What’s more, unlike ordinary bleaches, Olivia Fairness Bleach does not have the strong pungent odour of ammonia.

Size Available - 10gm/25gm/70gm/250gm