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Waterproof Make up | Pancake | Powder Compact | Foundation

Waterproof Make- up stick (with shade card)
Shade card: Rachelle, Rachelle Rose, Natural, Natural Rose
Natural Earth, Touch & Glow, Peach Rose, Lining Yellow, Egyptian Light, Egyptian Dark, Burnish Amber, Pearl White

With Sunscreen for all skin types

  • By giving a smooth and uniform coverage on your skin it gives a youthful and radiant look all day long
  • Blocks harmful UV A-B rays
  • It is Waterproof, Sweatproof having inbuilt moisturiser
  • Conceals dark spots and comes in 12 skin matching shades
        Method of Application
  • Dab on the face and spread evenly until uniform.
  • For Effective Removal use Olivia Cleansing Milk

Waterproof Pan-cake (with shade card)

Shade card: Golden  Yellow, Bronze Glow, Fresh Peach, Natural Honey, Natural Beige, Almond Dust, Sun Tone, Dark Beige, Touch &  Glow, Tender Orange, Light Egyptian, Dark Egyptian

This make-up is specially formulated with pharmaceutical/ISI grade material to provide protection to your skin from pollution and light rays. As such, it is an ideal make-up for Cine/TV stars. Olivia Pancake provides a perfect velvety finish and flawless appearance to your skin. Being water-proof, it gives you a very natural look and keeps you fresh all day long. It does not run or streak with perspiration. Olivia Pancake is dermatologist tested and is completely harmless. It comes in 12 shades to suit every skin type.

Powder Compact (with shade card)
Shade card: Natural Ivory, Natural Beige, Natural Peach, Natural Rose, Natural Earth

Is a light, pressed powder which keeps your make up looking smooth.  This oil-free powder does not clog pores, absorbs excess oil and clearly helps improve the quality and healthy look of your skin. Gives a matte finish adding radiance to the skin and softens the look of the lines. Lets your skin “Breathe”

Liquid Foundation (with shade card)
Shade card: Natural Glow, Soft Beige, Sunset Rouge, Satin Ivory

This New Generation Liquid Foundation provides a very smooth and clean finish. It has extremely soft application and evens and smoothens the skin in a wonderful way. Its velvety texture blends nicely with the skin making the skin more elastic and softer. This Formula helps hiding expression signs and skin imperfections with high covering power. It includes skin moisturizing ingredients that provide nutrients for your skin, and feel very smooth upon application. Suitable for all skin types. Protects against harmful UV rays.